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This sauce is great for many reasons: it's quick, it's delicious, it only involves 3 ingredients and all 3 are British. What more could you ask for?


Finding a British guanciale that we would consistently love has been a hard one. After many trials our choice fell unanimously on Saltpig Curing Company. Since we met Ben at Queens Park Farmers Market in London we have loved all of his award winning artisan charcuterie hand made in the Cotswolds.


As well as guanciale this recipe equally relies on Pecorino cheese for to bind all the flavours together. We use English Pecorino from White Lake. This creamy textured, semi-hard cheese has a beautifully well-rounded and subtle nutty flavour (mild in comparison to many of our cheeses) and an eye catching yellow rind. English Pecorino is a multi-award-winning cheese that is most definitely a crowd favourite.

Matured for 5 months and made from ewe’s milk, you can never go wrong adding this cheese to a cheese board, sandwiches, or topping your meals for a
transformative flavour.


Cooking Time

Prep Time


15 mins

5 mins


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  • 250g of Pastificio Carleschi Emmer and fava bean Sedani Rigati 

  • 100g of Saltpig Curing Co pork cheek (guanciale)

  • 75g of White lake English Pecorino (grated)

  • 250g of fresh/frozen garden peas

  • Black/green ground peppercorn


  • Start by grating the Pecorino cheese and set aside.

  • Put about 2.5l of water to the boil.

  • Place the guanciale in a non stick frying pan (if not already cut, cut it in thin strips).

  • When the guanciale has become translucent and started to fry in its own fat, add the peas and toss or stir.

  • Add a pinch of salt and grind the peppercorn.​ Toss or stir and as soon as the peas are cooked, remove from the heat.

  • Add salt and then pasta to the boiling water.​

  • Take an espresso cup of boiling water out of the pot and add it to pan. 

  • Take another espresso cup of boiling water out of the pot just before you drain the pasta and keep it aside.

  • Drain the pasta when cooked (8 minutes).

  • Add the pasta to the pan and toss or stir vigorously. Keep tossing while you add the grated pecorino. Adjust with more water until it's creamy and delicious.

Buon appetito! 

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