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Great British Food Award Winners of 2021

In case you missed it, we have won the 'Best New Product' award for our Emmer & Fava Bean Sedani Rigati and were highly commended in the 'Best New Producer' category in the Great British Food Awards 2021.

The Great British Food Awards were launched in 2014 to celebrate the very best artisanal produce in the food and drink industry, from flavoured gins to frozen desserts. The judging panel comprises some of the most acclaimed chefs, food critics and influencers in the country.

Both categories were judged by John Gill, the Head of Marketing & Trading at Booth's and 'The Good Grocers' - he has been involved in selecting, procuring and retailing great food and drink for 15 years; getting to experience the emergence of some wonderful brands and is always keen to support and encourage new and exciting products to market.

This is what he said about our Emmer & Fava Bean Sedani Rigati: "A super-pasta, packed with nutrients from the Emmer & Fava Beans. Pulse based pasta offers a great alternative to traditional types and will surely create interest amongst customers looking for something a bit different. The pasta itself cooked really well, the velvety rough surface is perfect for holding sauces. The delicate chestnut colour remains during cooking and the flavours are quite sweet with a lingering taste of the fava beans."

We were also highly commended in the 'Best New Producer' category. John Gill was impressed to see a forward thinking producer, creating alternative nutritious pasta. Presented in sustainable packaging and impactful branding.

Now, a word from our founder, Giovanni: “It is an honour and a privilege to have won the GBF award for best new product as well as the fantastic commendation we received as new producer from the judge. This award is particularly meaningful for us because we are a young business that is always busy trying to create new pasta shapes, flour mix, grains so it's amazing to be recognised for this. Especially in 2021 where it was especially challenging to see our ideas to completion when the entire food sector was suffering from delays inflicted by the pandemic and Brexit. The amazing response that our Emmer and fava Bean Sedani Rigati received from our customers and from the judge at GBF has been a great boost for all of us at Pastificio Carleschi and a great motivation to keep striving to be better. Grazie GBF!”

Have you had a chance to try out this pasta? Why not give it a try!

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