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The Start of Something New!

As some of you may have noticed (or not) we are now stocking something that's not pasta! It's also not produced by us but by Blackthorn Salt who we were lucky enough to meet at a British food convention. Keep on reading to find out why we chose to start stocking this great brand and what the future of Pastificio Carleschi looks like.

As soon as we met with the founders of Blackthorn Salt we knew we had just discovered something unique that needed to be shared with our customers. This salt is made up of 100% west coast sea water and nothing else. It's taste is sweet, with a mouth-watering tang and crucial crystal crunch, perfect with our pasta! And every other meal because who doesn't use salt? Some of the country’s top chefs have praised it's exceptional taste.

We love this concept because the method they use is completely natural and environmentally sensitive. They built the first (and only) graduation thorn tower in the UK from scratch (pictured below) which speeds up evaporation and uses 85% less energy than traditional UK processes. Not to mention an impressive sight to behold both inside and out. It is truly a spectacular example of innovation, being the only thorn tower in the world producing salt and the first of its kind to use sea water.

How it works is Scottish West Coast sea water is slowly trickled through the graduation thorn tower whilst being evaporated by the exhilarating West Coast winds. The spikey blackthorn is what maximises the sea water's exposure to wind as it trickles down, concentrating the sea water. Then the expert salters do the final step of ensuring the salty water evaporates precisely to form beautiful inverted crystals that are gently dried and packed.

They are committed to using sustainable methods, sourcing locally and minimising waste in terms of the environment - Reintroducing salt-making to the Scottish West Coast in a manner that the community, past, present and future can be proud of. This is something that we at Pastificio Carleschi can relate to and agree with.

We will always choose to support and be a part of the movement towards sustainable British food brands. Which is why we want to offer these great products to our customers - also making it easier to buy all the ingredients you need for your perfect pasta meal in one place. We think it's a win-win situation!

*We'll be including 5g samples of this salt for the next 30 orders! Hurry!

Why not give it a try now?

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