Sustainability is at the heart of every decision made at Pastificio Carleschi.


We choose to work with sustainability-focused farmers and millers in the UK who are actively looking to enhance the health of the soil and environment. Sourcing locally means we can guarantee freshness, total traceability and low food miles. We also specifically choose organic ancient grains because not only do they aid soil regeneration but are rich in fibre and boost a variety of micronutrients not found in modern wheat! We think that creating a demand for these types of grains are beneficial now and crucial for our future.

We are certified organic by the Soil Association. This means that all grains and milled products are grown without chemical herbicides, pesticides, fungicides and chemicals. Simply put, it’s wheat as nature intended. We prefer this method of farming as it maintains the quality of the soil, fosters biodiversity, reduces pollution from nitrogen run-off, uses less energy and supports both human and animal welfare.

Our London factory where all our pasta is produced runs entirely on green energy and we recycle where we can. Last but not least all our packaging is 100% plastic-free. Our pasta is packed in either 4 kg stitched paper sacks or 400g fully compostable bags certified for both industrial and home composting environments, as well as for marine biodegradation.

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