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We love this recipe: it's quick, it's super-easy and totally indulgent. And let's be honest, we can't have been the only ones with an odd piece of blue cheese left after a big dinner party? This recipe is so good that we now hope to have some more leftover! 


The combination of blue cheese and lemon is totally delicious, unusual yes, but magic. Our favourite blue cheese is 'Cropwell Bishop' Stilton. We discovered this cheese when we were trading at Borough Market thanks to Enrico of Heritage Cheese. The Cropwell Bishop story goes back almost 2 centuries, originating from cheese making methods by the Skailes family, it's fascinating. Their Blue Stilton has a rich tangy flavour, and a velvety-soft texture that makes it melt perfectly in this sauce. They craft this cheese carefully by hand, using specialized techniques that have barely changed since the 17th Century. To allow this Stilton to develop its unique flavour, they normally age it to 12 weeks.  

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  • Start by grating the lemon zest and then its juice.

  • Finely chop the parsley leaves and keep them aside.

  • Put about 4l of water to the boil.

  • Remove the skin from the cheese and dice it into 1cm cubes.

  • Take a non-stick sauce pan large enough to contain all the pasta, and add cheese, zest and juice. let everything melt over a low heat.

  • Add salt and then pasta to the boiling water.​

  • Stir the sauce gently and grind a gentle sprinkle of peppercorns on top. 

  • Take an espresso cup of boiling water out of the pot just before you drain the pasta and add it to pan. Lower the heat to the minimum and add the pasta, toss vigorously, you want to make a ‘creamy sauce’, keep tossing over the same low heat. When everything is creamy and delicious add the parsley. If you like your pasta creamy then stop, if you like it a bit less creamy then keep going.​

​INGREDIENTS (serves 4)

  • 400g of Pastificio Carleschi Wholegrain Emmer casarecce

  • 250g of Cropwell Bishop blue cheese or any other Stilton

  • Zest and Juice of one lemon

  • 7 leaves of flat leaf parsley (no stalk)

  • Black/green ground peppercorn​

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