Our story starts in 2013 when I thought to myself, ‘why does all dry pasta come from Italy when there are amazing grains and flour of exceptional quality available in the UK?’.


From then on we started looking for a way to create premium quality dry pasta from British stoneground spelt. It took 6 years of experimenting and refining to perfect the artisan method of making pasta that we use today.
In 2019 we finally founded Pastificio Carleschi (Past-if-each-yo Car-less-key); being the first British Artisan Organic dry pasta producer in the UK. Since then we have released 9 great products and have more in the works which is really exciting!


We currently use British Spelt, Emmer and Einkorn stoneground flour as well as fava beans sourced from some of the most regenerative-minded farmers and millers in the UK.


We try to source directly from farmers where possible, with most of them being organically certified, but all are working towards an extensive system.


We also source from millers that work with these types of farmers and have the same values.

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The pasta we produce is artisan, organic, bronze-extruded, slow dried at low temperatures.


Creating our pastas in this way allows us to keep all the nutritional value, taste and fragrance of the ingredients intact as well as ensuring our pasta has great texture and tenure of cooking.


Like most artisan pastifici we use a static dryer with a series of wooden shelves encased to dry our pasta. The wet pasta is placed onto the wooden trays and dried for up to 40 hours; the length of time it needs to dry will depend on its shape and size.

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Sustainability is very important to us, which is why on top of working with local farmers, being organic certified by the Soil Association and a factory that runs solely on green energy; we make sure that all our packaging is plastic-free.


We keep our pasta local with the lowest possible food miles and ensure total traceability, this is very important not just for carbon footprint, but to make sure we champion all the great ancient wheat varieties grown here.

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From working with UK farmers and millers that focus on land regeneration to using traditional artisan methods of pasta making, our pasta is all about blending the best of British and our Italian heritage.


We really put our heart and soul into every step of the process, so when we have the final product there is a real sense of accomplishment and joy that we can finally share our hard work with our customers. Our production doesn’t stop with making great pasta, because we take lots of care in everything we do, from sourcing locally to using plastic-free packaging, and are very proud of what we have achieved so far.


We do hope that you will enjoy it and are really looking forward to hearing your feedback.

Grazie ancora e buon appetito!