The pasta we produce is artisan, bronze-extruded and slow dried at low temperatures. Creating our pastas in this way allows us to keep all the nutritional value, taste and fragrance of the ingredients intact as well as ensuring our pasta has great texture and tenure of cooking. 

Like most artisan pastifici we use a static dryer with a series of wooden shelves encased to dry our pasta. The wet pasta is placed onto the wooden trays and dried for up to 40 hours; the length of time it needs to dry will depend on its shape and size.

Our pasta is made in small batches to ensure each and every piece is of a high quality. This allows us to carefully monitor and adapt at each stage of production where needed - with ventilation, humidity extraction, temperature and time to rest all being taken into consideration. Figuring out the perfect technique to slow drying pasta was anything but straightforward, especially as we were the first ones to make dry pasta using British stoneground farro flour. It took time, patience, dedication and an almost compulsive attention to detail to fine tune the method we use today. 

Our passion for pasta has even pushed us to learn how to combine grains from different farms and even sometimes from different harvests into the perfect blend.


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