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Pasta and 'Grano Tenero': A Grainy Conversation.

Report on a short interview with 'The Grocer' magazine.

Last week, we were interviewed by 'The Grocer' magazine because, according to them, the dry pasta world is abuzz with a hot topic - 'grano tenero.' They told us that supermarkets are exploring the world of bread wheat, either on its own or mixed with durum wheat to fulfil the increasing demand for dry pasta.

Why the shift? Global durum wheat production is having a tough time keeping up with the growing demand for dry pasta, and prices are soaring substantially.

We told 'The Grocer' that considering there could be 35,000 cultivars of common wheat worldwide, there may well be varieties suited for dry pasta. However, in our experience so far, bread wheat proved not ideal because its gluten characteristics didn't impart the right texture, cooking quality, and colour to the finished products.

However, at Pastificio Carleschi, we have always strongly believed in finding durum wheat alternatives and have spent the best part of the last decade researching the perfect British-grown grain alternatives to durum for dry pasta making. Our answer is in emmer, spelt, and einkorn, and (soon to come) rivet and rivet crosses. Why? Definitely not because of soaring prices! Our big objective has always been to make something delicious and of great quality while nurturing biodiversity in our countryside.

Biodiversity in wheat farming is a real game-changer. It boosts soil health, reducing the need for chemicals. It also provides a habitat for crucial insects like bees, which are essential for pollination. We need a wider variety of crops and accessible seeds. Everyone in the food chain, from farms to our plates, must get on board with this idea.

It's a win-win, making farms more resilient and our food supply more secure.

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